Témoignage de Dr. Jacques Haddad

Testimonial of Dr. Jacques Haddad

Dr. Jacques Haddad from the Sherbrooke Cosmetic Surgery Clinic explains to you how RD Cosmetic products are a solution in the management of post-surgery and post-laser scars. Video in French

Comment rajeunir le contour des yeux

How to rejuvenate the eye area

Lyne mentioned to her beautician that she would like to find a solution to rejuvenate her eye area a little by reducing the wrinkles around her lower eyelid.Her beautician therefore prescribed the ...

Comment réduire les taches brunes sur le visage

How to reduce dark spots on the face

Susan discusses with her beautician that she would like to improve the firmness of the skin on her face, and if possible reduce brown spots (solar lentigo). Her beautician therefore prescribed a t...

Cosméceutiques à base de collagène marin fabriqués au Québec

Cosmeceuticals based on marine collagen made in Quebec

Learn a little more about RD Cosmetic by watching our corporate video: Video in French

Comment améliorer la texture et la fermeté de sa peau

How to improve the texture and firmness of your skin

Gisèle, 74, mentioned that she would like to even out her complexion and improve the texture of her skin. Without hesitation, her beautician recommended that she use DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel mor...

Comment prévenir le vieillissement de la peau

How to prevent skin aging

Catherine, 38, visited her beautician with the aim of preventing the signs of aging in her skin. Her beautician prescribed a 10-day treatment with DERMA COLLAGEN® anti-aging regenerating gel in the...

Comment cicatriser une plaie profonde

How to heal a deep wound

An accident happens so quickly. Hugo, a 38-year-old carpenter, cut his finger deeply when a tool slipped. The cut was so deep that ideally he should have gone to the clinic to have sutures put in p...

Comment améliorer la fermeté de la peau du cou

How to improve neck skin firmness

Ms. Lise Paquette, 65 years old, wanted to improve the firmness of the skin on her neck. Lise, beautician at Miss Grenier care and boutique suggested that she use DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel and the...