Shipping policy

The delivery dates indicated on the order confirmation order are only an indicative value provided by the service provider, PURO or CANADA Post, as appropriate. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, with the exception of excluded public holidays. Delays in delivery and any errors or omissions in the delivered products or services rendered cannot be used as a reason for cancelling current orders, nor can they give rise to any claim of any kind (damages, withholding, etc.). 

The delivery of products is subject to the rules of the courier service provider, as well as the rules regarding the signature acknowledging receipt of the products. If you are absent at the time of delivery, you will be responsible for tracking and collecting products in accordance with the rules and procedures of the courier service provider.

Products may be subject to a customs tax or obtaining an import or export license. The Customer states that he is responsible for all the customs constraints and authorizations necessary for the importation of products into his territory and assumes all the financial consequences that such constraints could entail. We currently offer delivery to postal addresses and mailboxes in Canada.