How to improve the texture and firmness of your skin

Comment améliorer la texture et la fermeté de sa peau

Gisèle, 74, mentioned that she would like to even out her complexion and improve the texture of her skin.

Without hesitation, her beautician recommended that she use DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel morning and evening for 30 days. We can already see a clear improvement in the texture of Gisèle's skin!

Gisèle is sold: ''I really like my product. Derma Elastin, it has a nice texture and applies well to the skin and makes my skin clearer.''

Marie-Claude, 52, had the same goal. Her beautician suggested the DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel in the morning and gel regenerating anti-aging DERMA COLLAGEN® in the evening. In 30 days, we see a clear improvement!

Like collagen, elastin is a protein found in connective tissues, but it differs from collagen. Its best-known property is being elastic – probably where its name comes from. This protein is also responsible for allowing the body's tissues to "resume" - think elastic - to their original shape after being stretched.

Here is Marie-Claude's testimony: ''I tried a thousand and one products. I went from cleanser to several serums. One during the day and one in the evening. I am a woman like all women, running after their time. Since I was introduced to D Cosmetic products, I have been applying Derma Collagen and Derma Elastin morning and evening for 30 days and now I'm not looking anymore! That's it quite simply. Even I am impressed every day. I don't believe it!''

When you pull your skin back and then let it go, it returns to its normal shape; It’s your Elastin that’s working.

As you age, your body produces less and less of this protein. This decline can begin as early as the age of twenty. By midlife, the body produces so little elastin that changes in your skin become noticeable: more wrinkles and more sagging in areas where your skin was once tight.

Our DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel offers visible effects of firmness gain. It acts in the deep layers of the skin, to regenerate its extracellular matrix: which results in plumper, younger-looking skin.

The Anti regenerating gel -age DERMA COLLAGEN® gives you access to an innovative, scientifically proven formula. Twice as effective as retinol, without the side effects. Regenerating, plumping, DERMA COLLAGEN® is suitable for all skin types.

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