How to prevent skin aging

Comment prévenir le vieillissement de la peau

Catherine, 38, visited her beautician with the aim of preventing the signs of aging in her skin.

Her beautician prescribed a 10-day treatment with DERMA COLLAGEN® anti-aging regenerating gel in the morning and DERMA ELASTIN® firming gel in the evening. The result ?

The face is definitely lighter, the skin texture is denser and has the impression of having gone back a few years in time.

Catherine says: “I can’t live without these products! I love the result! »

Nathalie, 40 years old, had the same objective as Catherine. Her beautician suggested the gel regenerating anti-aging DERMA COLLAGEN® morning and evening.

After 30 days, we see a clear improvement in the lower and upper eyelids, as well as a significant reduction in nasolabial lines (wrinkles that start from the sides of the nose and descend obliquely towards the corners of the lips.)

Nathalie will be a loyal customer: “The texture of the collagen is silky and very light without being too liquid. The feeling on my skin is very pleasant, it remains well hydrated and the gel does not have a sticky effect. I feel that my skin is much firmer with a well-groomed appearance. I am totally satisfied, very happy with the result and my purchase. »

RD Cosmetic products use marine collagen, which has several advantages. Extracted from fish skin, bones and scales, its fibrous proteins ensure the elasticity, firmness and suppleness of the skin.

Marine collagen contains excellent quality oligopeptides and has better bioavailability: which optimizes its absorption by the body. RD Cosmetic prefers it for its superior health control in terms of controlling the scientific operations surrounding its extraction, and several other reasons.

Here is some information about our products:

Theregenerating gel anti-aging DERMA COLLAGEN® gives you access to an innovative, scientifically proven formula. Twice as effective as retinol, without the side effects. Regenerating, plumping, DERMA COLLAGEN® is suitable for all skin types.

The gDERMA ELASTIN® firmness offers visible effects of firmness gain. It acts in the deep layers of the skin, to regenerate its extracellular matrix: which results in plumper, younger-looking skin.

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