Application of 
RD Cosmetic products
according to your age

 Appropriate for all types of skin, complexion and colour 

Above and beyond esthetics

The skin protects us against microbes and the elements. It communicates signs of weakness mainly by the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It becomes essential to protect the skin’s deep defense system: in the dermis. In order to improve the health of your skin, RD Cosmetic™ recommends nourishing it with DERMA COLLAGEN™ Regenerative  Anti-Aging Gel and DERMA ELASTIN™ Firming Gel. MATURE SKIN PENETRATION OF RD COSMETIC™.


It is not necessary to use our products at this age. We recommend that you opt for healthy lifestyle habits and good sun protection at all times.



Apply every day morning and evening.

Fourties and up


Apply every morning.


Apply every evening.

For layering of products, apply DERMA COLLAGEN™ first, then DERMA ELASTIN™ second, to intensively treat the regeneration and firmness of the skin.

Duo Derma Collagen™ and Derma Elastin™

Enjoy 15% off our Derma Collagen™ and Derma Elastin™ duo for Mother's Day. Our cosmeceuticals intervene in the cellular regeneration and the firmness…
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Derma Collagen™ Regenerative Anti-Aging Gel

Twice as effective as retinol and without its side effects, Derma Collagen™ significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by regenerating the …

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Derma Elastin™ Firming Gel

Derma Elastin™ Firming Gel offers visible firming effects. It works in the deep layers of the skin to increase the density of elastin fibers: which…

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