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RD Cosmetic products are made with ingredients derived from biotechnology.
Supporting studies in vivo and in vitro.

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Beyond esthetics

The skin is a protective organ against external aggressions. It communicates its signs of weakness mainly through the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea or senile spots. It becomes essential to strengthen its defence system in depth: in the dermis.To improve the health of your skin, RD Cosmetic™ recommends nourishing it with DERMA COLLAGEN™ Anti-Aging Regenerating Gel  and DERMA  ELASTIN™ Firming Gel.  

Derma Collagen™ Regenerative Anti-Aging Gel

This Anti-Aging Regenerating Gel gives you access to an innovative, scientifically proven formula. Twice as effective as retinol, without its known…

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Derma Elastin™ Firming Gel

DERMA ELASTINᴹᴰ Firming Gel offers visible firming effects. It works in the deep layers of the skin, to regenerate its extracellular matrix: …

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