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  • Reduces discoloration and ​ circumference
  • Accelerates the healing process
  • Improves the appearance of scars


Visible stretch marks and scars

For stretch marks and scars that are purple, pink or of similar colors: apply the DERMA COLLAGEN™ Regenerative Gel morning and evening until the color of the scar is closer to the skin color.  

Sunburn (erythema) 

Generously apply DERMA COLLAGEN™ Regenerating Gel on your erythema to soothe and regenerate, immediately after exposure and can be applied several times during the day.

Pregnant women 

Apply DERMA ELASTIN™ Firming Gel every morning and DERMA COLLAGEN™ Regenerative Gel every night on the belly, hips and breasts, starting in the third month of pregnancy, to limit the appearance of stretch marks. 

Light burn (phlycten) 

Apply the DERMA COLLAGEN™ Regenerative Gel generously and repeatedly to your  burn to prevent the onset of phlycten.